Karra Bridgewater was out driving one morning when she spotted someone small and furry on the side of the road.

She immediately went to investigate, but the little furball saw her coming, got super scared and ran behind a pole.

Bridgewater slowly moved a little closer and managed to pull the animal out from behind the pole — and came face to face with the cutest puppy she’d ever seen.

Bridgewater quickly loaded the puppy into her car and drove him to her home. He was covered head to toe in fleas and needed half a dozen baths before he was finally clean. The poor little puppy was so tired and confused, and as soon as he was clean, he snuggled up with Bridgewater’s son and fell right asleep.

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The family hadn’t been planning on taking in a puppy that day and rushed to the store to get all of the supplies they would need. Later on, she let the little guy outside for a bit and then came back to check on him — and was shocked to see the puppy’s sister hanging out on her porch.

“I can’t believe it,” Bridgewater said in a TikTok video.

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Bridgewater lived down the street a ways from where the first puppy was found and was in utter disbelief that, somehow, the second puppy had found her way there looking for her brother.

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It’s still unclear what happened or how it was possible, but once the second puppy was there, Bridgewater treated her the same way she’d treated her brother. She cleaned off all her fleas and got her all settled in, still shocked at this turn of events.

Both puppies have since been to the vet to get checked out and cleaned up. Bridgewater and her family are just fostering for now and are still deciding where the puppies’ forever homes will be. Until then, they’re having a blast in their new home and are so happy that they were reunited against all odds.

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