Videos of a dog named Mya meeting a new baby has made millions of users say “aw!” It looks like these two are going to be best buddies.

When a Shiba Inu named Mya was introduced to her new family member, she was more than excited.

The clip with the caption, “Soon to be besties,” shows Mya’s new brother, a human newborn named Leo, coming home for the first time.

Maya runs around the stroller, barking and wagging her tail. As soon as the little dog gets a whiff of the newborn, she refuses to leave his side.

It’s as adorable as it gets!

Ester Pla, Mya and Leo’s proud proud mom told Newsweek her dog helped her a lot while she was carrying her baby.

“Throughout my pregnancy, Mya had been extra sensitive and affectionate. I think she could sense baby Leo inside me,” Ester said.She gave birth to Leo on July 16 and she said her babies have become fast friends.

According to the proud mama, Mya is more than just a fur baby: “She is not just a pet; she is Leo’s older sister and she is a big part of my family.”

As multiple other videos show, Mya is obsessed with her little brother.

“Since day one, she has been extremely gentle and caring. She has been so curious and attentive with him, making sure he is fine and well. Cuddling alongside him and calming him if he cries,” Ester said.


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