That’s a serious beast.

These grizzly bears never cease to amaze. They are truly beautiful, yet savage, creatures out there, ripping, killing and biting their way through the wild.

Grizzly bears have a reputation as big as they are, which is large. In some parts, they can grow up over 1,000 pounds, making them one of the largest animals, and largest predators, in North America.

Growing this large, they need a ton of food to survive, especially when they are preparing for the winter. In one day they have been known to eat up to 20,000 calories.

Although grizzly bears will eat anything from grass to berries, you don’t hit 20,000 calories that way. They do it through consuming calorie dense foods like meat and fish.

Grizzly bears can hunt and scavenge with ease. They can smell out a scent from miles away, and use their powerful nose to track down their meal. Once they have located their target, they will hunt it down, and overpower nearly anything they want to.

A grizzly’s strength is well-known, but it is always amazing when it is put on display.

This grizz showed just how strong they really are.

He is seen picking up a deer off the side of the road in Canada, as a car full of women are driving by.

The bear grabs onto the deer, picks it fully off the ground and walks across the road right in front of a car as if it isn’t carrying anything. Naturally, the women in the vehcile are stunned.


The strength this creature has.

Nature is crazy.

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