One of the worst nightmares a parent might have is hearing that their child is getting bullied.

You try everything in your power to make them feel better or stop the bullying, but it’s not always successful. Unfortunately, there are some animals who get bullied too.

A couple reached out to a farm sanctuary, known on TikTok as @thegentlebarn, when their senior horse with a severe back injury was being bullied.

The Gentle Barn stepped up immediately and rescued him. The moment the horse realizes he’s safe and away from the stress he was going through is simply beautiful.


@thegentlebarn HORSE RESCUE: We got an urgent call from a worried couple about their senior horse with a severe back injury being bullied, so we drove 16 hours to bring Marley home to our animal sanctuary in California. He has an injured back from being ridden harshly by a trainer, and because he struggled to get to food and water at his boarding facilities, he's thin. He'll need a lot of help moving forward, but we're going to make sure he has everything he needs for the rest of his life 💚 #farmanimalsanctuary #animalrescue #horsesoftiktok #horserescue #animallove ♬ What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"] – Billie Eilish

Even before the bullying, this beautiful horse named Marley got a back injury from being ridden harshly by a horse trainer.

And honestly, we can’t believe this senior horse was bullied in the first place. It was happening so much so that he couldn’t even eat or drink.

f we’re that heartbroken hearing about that situation, we can’t imagine how hard it must’ve been to see it happening in real life.

Thankfully, Marley’s previous owners did the right thing and got him the help he needed. The employees at The Gentle Barn drove 16 hours to bring this horse back to the California sanctuary and we’re so happy they did. 

The Gentle Barn wrote in the caption that because of his back injury and not getting the food and water he needs, Marley is very thin.

He’ll need a lot of help moving forward, but by the looks of it, he’s already loving his new California home. He’s making so many new friends already. So precious!  

This farm sanctuary has been rescuing animals since 1999 and now, there are three locations in the United States – California, Tennessee, and Missouri. Each location is opened to the public once a week and visitors get the chance to interact with different rescue animals. 

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