Some people are just born with parental instincts. They have a way with children that comes naturally. And it doesn’t matter if they have kids or not. They can take care of and look after any child effortlessly.

Animals can also have the same instincts. Just take a look at this dog named Lucy who never had babies of her own. Her parental instincts still kicked in while hanging out with newborn kittens. The August 21 clip, posted by TikTok user @pearlsragdolls, will bring tears to your eyes. 



Even Lucy, a senior dog with no babies of her own, knows babies have to stay together

♬ Jacob and the Stone – Emile Mosseri

Ugh, we can’t handle the preciousness of this video. Sweet Lucy, a senior dog, never had babies of her own, but this video shows us that she was born with natural maternal instincts. She knew that these tiny kittens needed to stay together. It’s like she’s showing them that by staying close together, they’ll stay warm. And just look at how gentle she is with them. Adorable! 

This woman’s Ragdoll Cat named Lovely recently had these kittens. For anyone who has raised kittens before know how much work it can be and how tiring it is for the mama cat.

Luckily, Lovely has Lucy by her side to help through this time. It also seems like Lucy is loving the responsibility too. And because of that, we need someone to get this good girl dog treats!

We never knew this before, but just as parents need a break from their babies, so do cats. This is called their “me time” and it’s so very important for parents. One of the best things you can do is provide a mama cat with the space to get away from her kittens for a little.

Many people will give cats a birthing box. This allows them to jump in and out while the kittens can’t escape. It’s important to do this because leaving a cat with her babies 24/7 is not good for their mental health.