A man named Harry and his girlfriend were traveling in Albania when a cute little puppy came over to them. Unlike many of the abused or scared abandoned dogs they had ran into on their trip, this little puppy was friendly and confident.

Harry and his partner thought she must belong to someone, but they realized she was alone. This posed a big dilemma for the couple, as they weren’t in the best circumstances of rescuing a dog and Harry already had another dog, Freddie the spaniel, waiting for him at home.

So he and his girlfriend told themselves, if the puppy waited for them outside their van, they would take her with them. When they pulled down the window…there was the puppy! “It felt like fate,” said Harry.

They also met a fisherman who had been feeding the puppy and he wanted them to take her home as much as she did.

And that’s exactly what they did! Now the puppy (named Sandy) goes everywhere with them and has become a “proper adventure dog.”


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