A little gray and white kitten with twisted legs loves life and is so happy to have found a family she always wanted.

Meet Lady Purrl!

When she was about 9 weeks old she arrived at the Alaska Cat Adoption Team for the chance at a better life.

So they reached out to Alaska’s KAAATs who run programs for animals with special needs.

Shannon from Alaska’s KAAATs organized an appointment with a vet so they could evaluate her situation.

It was important to see if she was in any pain and if she had a chance of leading a good life.

“Thankfully, the vet was receptive to learning about our mission and the work we do,” explained Shannon.

“In Lady Purrl’s case, her quality of life was much brighter than they thought. This little nugget of adorable fluffiness has tons of spunk, charisma, personality and perseverance.”

“Lady Purrl won everyone’s hearts at the vet clinic, with her feisty, resilient, affectionate nature.”

Her x-rays revealed that her twisted legs were due to an old spinal injury but her disability doesn’t slow her down. She can run, jump and play just like any other kitten.

When she arrived at her new home (KAAATs) she settled right in and had a teddy bear as a sleeping companion.

Before long, Shannon began to introduce her to the other resident animals, including HarPURR the cat and Cinder the dog.

HarPURR was ecstatic that he had a new friend to play with, like Lady Purrrl, he has also lost the use of his hind legs.

“HarPURR and Lady Purrl were zipping around like the little tornado kitties they are, with so much joy, so much life and such a beautiful reminder about how to embrace each moment, live life to the fullest and soak in the love around you.”

And Cinder was overjoyed to see the new kitten.

She had already fostered many rescued kittens and puppies and wagged her tail with excitement.

Everyone there was completely taken with the newcomer and Lady Purrl was so happy to be part of this special family.


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