Thank goodness the veterinarian wasn’t a quack.

A dog owner in China was left in disbelief after doctors discovered that her beloved French bulldog had swallowed a staggering 11 rubber ducks — and had to be rushed to an emergency operation as a result, reported Asia Wire.

Ms. Liu, as she was named in Shanghai’s local media, first noticed something was wrong when her red ducky, one of apparently several in her collection, went missing.

She said she often receives toy ducks as a freebie when purchasing drinks.

Quickly dubious of her dog, she hoisted the pet to the doctor, pronto.

Photo of rubber ducks.
The dog’s owner suspected the pup ate a rubber duck after one of many went missing.

Photo of an x-ray.
An x-ray initially revealed the swallowed toys in the dog’s stomach.

But she was in for a shock when doctors took an x-ray of the dog’s stomach, locating a least five of the toy from the image.

Liu’s dog was then rushed into emergency surgery, where vets managed to pull out an addition six ducks — counting 11 consumed in all.

Ingesting rubber can be extremely dangerous for dogs, whether it be rubber ducks like this poor pup or a simple rubber toy from the pet shop, according to Pet Educate.

In some cases, the rubber won’t do anything to your dog, but more times than not, it can cause choking or a blocked digestive tract, the outlet notes.

Dogs cannot digest rubber, so if you suspect that your dog has ingested the material you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible, according to Fluent Woof.

Signs that your dog is packing knick knacks include restlessness, panting, choking and a swollen stomach.

Doctors told Liu her dog was lucky to be alive after the ordeal — but it looks like the Frenchie is already past it. On the Chinese social media platform Douyin, Liu posted a video of herself scolding the dog, who appeared to ignore her while taking a nap at her human’s feet.

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