A man is relieved after reuniting with his dog just hours after he was stolen from the family’s front yard in broad daylight. The dog guardian managed to track down the thief and retrieve his dog with help from police.

Dog guardian Brandon Kecser said his 7-month-old Pyrenees, Polar, was stolen just before 5pm on Sunday after he left him outside for about 10 minutes while he was inside the home preparing dinner.

When he came outside to get Polar the dog was gone. He quickly checked his security tapes thinking that Polar must have somehow gotten loose from his leash but he was shocked when he saw two people appearing to lure Polar away before unhooking his collar and walking away.

Kecser was extremely worried about Polar and told CTV News that his family consider Polar a member of the family, “So they kidnapped my kid essentially.”

Kecser immediately called his mother, who called a volunteer group Ground Search and Rescue KW for help. Soon the group got back to Kescer that Polar had been spotted nearby. Kecser raced to the block in Cambridge, Ontario where Polar had last been seen and soon heard a bark that he recognized coming from a window of an apartment building.

“And I had called his name, and he tried to paw at the glass to get out. And, so that’s when I called 911,” said Kecser, who was reunited with Polar less than three hours after he went missing.

Kecser says the Waterloo Regional Police Service has arrested a suspect and charged the man with theft. He says that he believes that the suspect was in the process of getting ready to sell Polar.

Kecser says that if they hadn’t found Polar within those few hours he’s not sure he would have found him. He says he won’t be leaving Polar alone outside anymore and adds that Polar is doing fine although the pup is more wary of strangers now.


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