More often than not, we hear of rescue pets being very shy when they first get to their forever homes.

They’re scared and not sure who to trust because they’ve already been through so much. But with love and patience, they let their personalities out.

We see that very clearly in this August 31 video from TikTok user @my_flying_fids. This featherless rescue parrot is a survivor of neglect and abuse, but now that she’s finally in a loving home, she’s dancing with pure joy.


@my_flying_fids More Chicken Dance #chickenthegoffintoo #dancingparrot #myflyingfids #goffincockatoo ♬ original sound – Michele

Aww, is this not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?! This featherless parrot was dancing the day away. She’s got better dance moves than we do. LOL! If this video isn’t a sign that the rescue bird is clearly comfortable in her forever home, we don’t know what is. 

We feel awful for what this birdie named Chicken went through. Before this owner adopted the bird, Chicken spent her life locked inside a cage in the dark basement.

The anxiety and depression she felt while in the cage led her to pluck her feathers. The pet owner is unsure if Chicken will ever grow her feathers back due to extensive follicle damage.

Ugh, poor baby. At least we know she’s safe and sound now and she’s slowly learning to trust others. 

Earning the trust of an animal isn’t always easy, especially when it’s a rescue animal. Just because you know you’re home is a safe place doesn’t mean these rescue animals will.

You need to give them plenty of time to decompress. We even preach the 3,3,3 rule, which means it will take at least the first three days for an animal to unwind and get used to its new environment.

In three weeks the animal will start learning a new routine and after three months, the animal will know they’re home. 

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