Ever wondered what it would be like to be a lion? Well thanks to a curious, GoPro-stealing lioness, wonder no more!

The incredible footage was filmed on a GoPro camera belonging to 38-year-old Ahmed Galal, who allowed the lionness to run off with his device in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, Africa.

Ahmed, who is from Egypt but based in the UAE, had been in Kenya when he spotted the lioness walking alone and realized it could be a good opportunity to get some unique footage.

He explained: “I wanted to see if she would check the camera out. We placed a stick with a camera on top nearby her. The lioness sniffed the stick, took it, and ran off.”

The video shows the moment the lion spotted the stick with the camera attached, and cautiously made her way towards it. She seemed briefly concerned as she bumped her nose against the lens, but soon felt confident enough to grab it between her teeth.

The GoPro kept recording as the lioness made her way from where the camera had been placed, recording the animal as she went off on an adventure.

She ran swiftly across the grass before coming to a brief stop to lie down and let go of the stick, allowing the camera to fall to the floor.

The lioness didn’t stop for long, though, and she grabbed the stick for one last little run before dropping it as Ahmed’s car approached.

Ahmed didn't think he'd get the camera back. Credit: Caters News

Ahmed admitted he was ‘worried about getting the camera back’ when the lioness first took off with it, but explained: “We managed to chase after the lioness, and she dropped the camera. Although it had a few scratches, the GoPro still functioned.”

The resulting footage offered a unique insight to the lion’s movements around the reserve, with many viewers delighted to see what kind of content the animal had come up with.


“Lion be like hello guys welcome to my new vlog,” one person wrote after watching the video.

Another joked: “Hey what’s up guys today I’m gonna show you how to catch an antelope”

A third viewer couldn’t resist throwing in an – admittedly epic – pun, as they commented: “That’s what happens when you leave things lion around.”

We wish we’d thought of that one myself, but credit where credit is due.

Pawesome job.

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