Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws – especially if you’re a bear.

Over Labor Day weekend one homeowner in Lake Mary, Florida had an unexpected guest join the party when a three-legged bear broke into her home and raided the fridge on her back patio.

According to Josaury Faneite-Diglio, she received a notification from her security camera, and when she looked to see who it was, she saw a familiar but unwelcome face.

The three-legged bear, who’s known around the neighborhood as “Tripod,” was breaking into their screened-in porch and searching for food. After snacking on some fish food that the family had sitting out beside their fish tank, Tripod then needed something to wash it down with and moved to the fridge.

There he ended up pounding three White Claws, because apparently bears either have really bad taste in alcohol or they just don’t care what they drink.

Faneite-Diglio said that Tripod’s favorite flavors were mango and strawberry, and that she wasn’t too worried about the bear because he’s become a beloved member of their community:

I guess Tripod just wanted to celebrate Labor Day weekend like the rest of us.


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