If you’re ready to see something cute, you can find it in this video that @The Husky Moon posted in August 2023.

The couple left their 8-week-old husky puppy Shadow home alone for 10 minutes, and he wasn’t happy about it!

The video starts with Shadow howling in the kitchen…not because he’s alone but because he wants more food.

He then realizes mom isn’t coming to his rescue and goes looking for his family. When he realizes that nobody’s home and he’s all alone, the real crying starts.

Oh, he wasn’t even alone – his big brother Moon was napping in the couple’s bedroom!


@thehuskymoon_ leaving an 8 week old husky puppy alone at home sounds like this 🤣 #huskypuppy #puppy #huskies #leavingmydog ♬ original sound – The Husky Moon

Talk about a dramatic pup! How dare they leave that sweet baby husky home all by himself for 10 minutes!

And can we talk about how brave @The Husky Moon’s parents are for leaving an 8-week-old puppy out with no supervision.

They’re lucky he didn’t tear the house apart!

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