The wildlife is simply mesmerizing if you only notice. Even though they live in the wild, animals have a heart that is pure and sometimes gullible.

They have much love to offer as long as they can trust you. Animals have their own love languages and it is seen in several instances all over the world. Reddit user u/RealRock_n_Rolla shared a similar instance of a cheetah’s innocently beautiful encounter with a photographer. The video showed the lens of a photographer focusing on a mama cheetah in a close-up shot.

The cheetah seemed to be pretty comfortable and relaxed around the photographer. It was almost like the cheetah trusted the photographer with the way she was unbothered by his presence so close to her territory. Then something wonderful happened.

As the photographer was focusing on the mama cheetah, she began to turn her face towards the right as if to say she was hinting at something.

The photographer then shifted his camera to the right where he saw the baby cubs come out of their hiding. In the minute-long video, around 3 cubs came from their hiding and they playfully jumped over the rocks and around the place.


Mama cheetah introduces a photographer to her little cubs
byu/RealRock_n_Rolla inMadeMeSmile

Even after the cubs came near the photographer, the mama cheetah didn’t get worried. Instead, she went and lay on the other side completely relaxed.

The last few seconds of the video captured the cubs cheerfully jumping over to their mother for her to caress and play with them. The photographer was able to capture and experience the whole scenario as if the mama cheetah had known him for a long time.

Animals too have tender hearts, they too look for love and bonding even in the wild. All they need is to be able to trust us and know that we humans won’t hunt or cage them.

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