Anyone who’s spent time around puppies knows just how energetic they can be. From the moment they start crawling, you’re in for weeks, if not months, of chaos.

Of course, these puppy whirlwinds will be spaced out between naps and meals, but it can still feel overwhelming. 

As puppies grow, though, they start to understand basic training cues like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘no.’

In fact, puppy adopters are encouraged to start obedience training as soon as their fur baby comes home! It may sound pointless, but many puppies will start to pick up on it right away. 

Pit Bull puppy @eurathomas is one of those smart fur babies! She and her family have definitely been working on her training, and she even shows off what she knows at her very first vet appointment.

She’s such a good little listener!


@eurathomas She’s so smart & attentive 🥹🐶💕 #firstvisit #puppylove #princesseura 🐾 #pitbull #dogsoftiktok #puppyjourney #pitbulllove #trending #pupsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Eura

Aww! We’ve watched this at least ten times just to soak in all the puppy sweetness. Even after all those views.

We are just so impressed by Eura’s excellent listening ear. We wonder if she knows the vet is talking about her!

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