If we had it our way, every animal used in farming would be treated with the kind of care a living, breathing being deserves.

Whether an animal is meant for work, milk, eggs, or even meat, their lives should be comfortable and humane, at the very least. 

It’s easy to understand why the animal rescuers at Uncle Neil’s Home were appalled and angered by what they saw when they rescued a blind cow named Helen.

The cow had been kept alone in a stall since being born blind in 2004. She never had a companion but endured 14 pregnancies before her rescue. Still, she needed a friend.

Fortunately, the team at @uncleneilshome has another rescued dairy cow who had been through similar trauma.

Mama is older and gentler than many of the cows, and her first meeting with new friend Helen will leave you misty-eyed.


@uncleneilshome Knowing Helen has been a gift. Despite all she’s been through, all she wants to do is spread love- the love that she bottled up for 19 years. Born blind on a dairy farm on May 6, 2004, she endured 19 years in a stall, approximately 14 pregnancies until she was 15 years old, and was without a companion for all of that time. Yesterday, she met Mama. Mama endured 10-years on a dairy farm until we liberated her and brought her to sanctuary last September 2022. As you can see, it was love at first scent ❤️ We have been looking for a friend for Helen over the last few months. Because she is blind, slower than everyone else, and has osteoarthritis, it could be life threatening for her to be with our main herd or to be paired with someone who wasn’t the right fit. We needed to find a companion who would understand and respect Helen’s space, limitations, and needs. Mama is much older than the rest of the herd who lives here, and while Maggie was in the hospital, Mama had been separating herself from everyone else. This was an organic, obvious move for everyone that has been working really well so far. Maggie is in the same pasture as Helen and Mama, but there is a fence line between them as Maggie isn’t feeling well. Non-human animals have so much to teach humans about love and acceptance. We are so happy for Helen and Mama, and excited to continue sharing their friendship with you 🐮✨❤️‍🩹 💭 Is this not the most beautiful sight… #cow #cows #milk #animal #farm ♬ original sound – Uncle Neil’s Home

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Helen and Mama seemed totally at ease with one another from the very first moment they met.

It’s like they knew they were safe with one another! Animals have incredible intuition, and it doesn’t take sight to be able to see a true friend.

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