Dogs always strive to be called a “good boy,” and though this pet had good intentions (we hope), we’d say this will land it in the “bad dog” category.

It doesn’t look like anyone was going to stop this Pitbull from launching itself through the front door while an innocent delivery man was casually delivering food to his house.

In fact, there’s a great chance that we would have been running alongside the DoorDash guy and fleeing the dog.

If a dog literally jumps through glass to chase someone, it is definitely a scary situation and it usually doesn’t end well. The guy is lucky that the dog stood on the front porch for a second afterwards and gave him a head start and he was able to get away.

We also love that the owner is just yelling from inside the house like the dog was playfully jumping on the delivery person.

She’s shocked as ever when she gets to her front door and sees the aftermath of the dog’s glass-breaking jump.


We definitely feel bad for the DoorDash employee, that single event might end our delivery career if we were them.

So scary, we are glad everyone was ok.

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