We all know that every dog has a unique personality. Some are calm, some are crazy, and some are sassy!

A TikTok video posted by @Zoeeeee820 shows off one “sassy puppy’s” one-of-a-kind reaction to being scolded for bothering some kittens. 

In the video, the sassy puppy named Sancho can be seen vocalizing and wiggling as his human scolds him for bothering the kittens.

The pup almost seems to be talking back. The adorable Pit Bull puppy seems to have no intention of following his human’s commands.

However, he is just so adorable that no one can be truly mad at him (except maybe the kittens in question.)


@zoeeeee820 2 weeks later and hes still a terror lol sassy puppy #sancho #dogsoftiktok #puppylove #dogbowls #fyp #puppytiktok #pup #devildog #puppycheck #sassydog #puppy ♬ original sound – Zoë McDonald

Although the sassy puppy is adorable, it is important to begin educating dogs while they are young if possible.

VCA Animal Hospitals recommends using positive reinforcement techniques instead of reprimands.

This could mean giving Sancho praise or a treat when he ignores the cats in question. Although a stern “no” can be verbalized to stop unwanted behavior, positive reinforcement should be administered once the dog ceases the unwanted action.

We encourage everyone thinking of getting a pet to adopt instead of shop.

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