Oftentimes pet owners are hesitant about mixing cats and dogs under the same roof. There’s a reputation that they don’t get along.

The reason might be that a dog’s natural instinct is to chase smaller animals and the cat’s defense is to hiss at the dog or run away.

Now, while this is certainly true at times, with proper exposure and socialization, dogs and cats can become quite friendly with each other. 

We see an example of a relationship growing between a cat and a dog from a September 12 video posted by TikTok user @fourpawsfourclaws.

The cat was slightly hesitant at first being in the same room as the dog, but now, they do everything together.


@fourpawsfourclaws The beginning of the Moose & Lamu adventures 🫶🏼 #fyp #cat #dog ♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

Aww! Our hearts have absolutely melted from watching this cat and dog. It gives us hope that our cat and dog will have this kind of playful relationship in the future.

They luckily don’t hate each other. The cat just has way more energy than our senior dog and he gets annoyed. LOL! 

We also love this video because it shows that we don’t need to have a cats vs. dogs debate. Why can’t we love them both equally?!

They can live in harmony together without having to fight for their owner’s attention. The best way to introduce cats and dogs is at a young age and having them grow up together, but we know that can’t always happen. 

Adult cats and dogs can still get along even later in life. Owners will just need to give them ample time to accept each other and redirect any unwanted behaviors.

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