When you hear the words “puppy love,” you might think of the person you were crushing on on the playground, or the person who broke your heart in high school. 

These days, puppy love means something different and there’s no heartbreak involved.

This mom showed how her son and her dog have loved each other from the first time they met.

It is just so adorable see.


@courtneybrooke_22 Puppy love #puppylove #goldenretriever #puppy #englishcream #love #boyandhisdog #dutton ♬ sonido original – 💋

Having a dog means you’ll always have a cuddle buddy and @courtneybrooke_22‘s son takes full advantage of his fluffy pillow. 

We watched as she showed her son and her dog hanging out, with her son lying on the dog.

He looked so relaxed and comfortable, like that was his safe space. 

They definitely love each other so much.

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