Having a dog is one thing, but raising a puppy comes with its own set of challenges.

TikToker Sarah Dorney knows that, but thankfully she isn’t alone, as she shares in her video of raising a pit bull puppy with her roommate while in college! Let’s see for ourselves.


@sarah.dorney the prince of Uhart 🥰 #americanbulldog #pitbull #puppy ♬ sonido original – Sheyleen Rosa

Raising a puppy in a college dorm can be a rewarding but challenging experience.

It’s important to consider the unique circumstances and responsibilities that come with both puppy ownership and college life.

It’s unknown if their college dorm has a pet policy and actually allows dogs or if Sarah and her roommate rescued the pup and hid it.

It’s obvious that this little puppy has a blast with them and they are lucky to have each other.

The pup gets included in every activity, except going to class, but they play with him and spoil him with love and kisses.

Every pet needs this type of love and patience.

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