TikTok user @heather_ewart is living our Snow White dreams as she has her very own resident fox. This fox has been living under the cabin at the end of her garden.

And every once in a while, the woman gets to see the fox come out and go about her day.

In a September 11 clip, not only did the fox come out in front of the TikToker’s door, but she also brought around a few extra friends.

The reaction the woman has to seeing her resident fox parading around with baby foxes is exactly how we felt when we watched the clip too. It’s too cute to handle! 


@heather_ewart Our resident fox has had babies and they’re all living under the cabin at the end of our garden!!!! 🦊🫶🏼🦊🫶🏼 #babyfoxes #foxfamily #foxcub #garden #motherfoxy #foxy ♬ original sound – Heather Ewart

O.M.G. Stop it! It’s no wonder the clip has over 5 million views – it’s downright adorable. We actually squealed when the baby foxes came out running. 

The momma fox even looked through the door as if she was saying, “Hey neighbor! Look who is living with me now.” 

This TikToker is living like she’s Snow White. The fact that this fox is so comfortable around her backyard proves they have an incredible relationship, especially since she was parading around her babies.

And if you go on her account, you’ll see more of the momma fox and her babies. She’s even asking for name suggestions! 

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