We’ve all heard it said that every shelter pet has a story–and it’s true!

Even if not all animals feel comfortable enough to let their true selves shine while in the shelter, a little time and love can make a world of difference.

Before you know it, your newly adopted buddy will be feeling right at home! 

Sometimes, though, an animal feels so comfortable around their shelter friends that they show their true personalities.

Just look at Skittles the orange kitten!

This social kitty loves the volunteers at Pennsylvania’s Center County PAWS so much that she practically demands to be petted whenever she sees them!


@centrecountypaws What orange baby wants, orange baby gets #cats #orangekittens #orangecats #paws #fyp #foryou #kittens #rescue #adopt ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

Aww! Little Skittles is the cutest kitten (even if her name was autocorrected in the video)!

Her desperate pawing on the door tugs on our heartstrings so much that we wish we could jump through the screen to pet him.

Luckily, @centrecountypaws‘ volunteers were more than willing to jump into action. 

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