Unfortunately, many homeless dogs around the world live in terrible conditions and with a lack of food while attempting to carry a healthy pregnancy.

Luckily, organizations like Hope For Paws make it their goal to reduce as many dogs as they can and provide them with a safe and loving home.

When the team at Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless dog who possibly had puppies, they headed out right away to offer their help.

The woman who made the call suspected that the dog had given birth under a large shipping container. This container was extremely low to the ground, making it a challenge for the rescue team to see anything at first. Using flashlights, they found the possible pregnant mom hiding under the container.

Soon after, the mom came out from under the container and ran in the opposite direction. Many times, the mother will do this to lead people away from her puppies to protect them from possible danger.

After a lot of patience and gentle attempts to lead the mother out from under the container, they finally succeeded and let her to safety!

She was brought back to the Hope For Paws center and cleaned, so she could relax for her big day. Pearl, the name that they gave her after her rescue, gave birth to 3 healthy puppies in the comfort and safety of the rescue center!


To help Hope For Paws do more rescues like this one, you can donate here.

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