The emotional rescue of a loyal dog is breaking hearts all over social media after the tragic details of her story come to light.

“This poor girl was seen being thrown out of a truck,” rescuer Suzette Hall wrote in her Facebook post, adding that the dog was petrified afterward.

She had not moved from the spot but waited for her owners to return.

Sadly, the faithful pup waited in vain, but soon, things got even worse for her.

According to Hall, several men came by and threw bottles at the four-legged friend and kicked her.

Frightened, the dog ran away. Nevertheless, she still hoped for a return of her owners as she continued to look for them at the corner they left her.

Now rescued, things are finally looking up for this sweet dog.
Now rescued, things are finally looking up for this sweet dog.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Suzette Hall

After the experience with the bad men, the sweet dog closed herself off to other people.

“Neighbors all tried so hard to help her but she was literally so traumatized, so scared and couldn’t trust anyone anymore,” Hall explained.

Luckily, after a while, someone got the idea to call Hall’s shelter, and by the time she arrived on the street, the dog had already been through several bad days.

“All I wanted was to hold her and make her know that we all cared,” she said. “It literally didn’t take 30 seconds before she was safe in my trap.”

The strain was clearly evident on the rescued dog, who was starved and exhausted.

Once in the comfort of Hall’s van, she quickly fell asleep, with the rescuer explaining, “She felt safe for the first time in days.”

Thankfully, things are looking up for the poor pup as she awaits a new forever home.


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