Some people have pet dogs or cats, and some people are lucky enough to have a pet cow. @The Husky 

Fam lives on a farm and has a variety of pets, including the newest addition, a mini cow named Millie.

Her mom shared a video at the beginning of September of their morning routine during Millie’s first week at her new home, and it’s just the cutest!

Their morning starts with coffee, snuggles, and some cartoons, all of which Millie really seems to enjoy.

They then venture out to the barn, where Millie gets to enjoy her first bottle of the day. Then they head off on a walk, so Millie can explore her new home.

Afterwards she has playtime and a snack, followed by more cuddles. Her little smile at the end is the best!


@thehuskyfam This was our morning routine for Millie’s first week with us, it was our last morning waking up together so I wanted to document how special it was. Calves can get sick really easy so I wanted to keep a close eye on her 24/7 during that time but she now sleeps with her friend in the barn, yes we’ve been keeping a little secret 🤫 #morning #routine #baby #cow ♬ Sunshine – WIRA

The video went crazy viral and has more than 49 million views and over 42 thousand comments! People couldn’t get enough of the cow cuteness!

We’ve been thinking about getting a dog, but now I want a cow instead! Millie’s absolutely precious and I want that, too!

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