Hope For Paws recently received a call from Mary Chatman, who has reached out to them before about saving other dogs.

This time, Mary alerted them about a homeless dog who had been trying to survive for a long time on his own.

The Hope for Paws rescue team immediately went out in search of this homeless dog to change his life for the better!

This pup would often hide under cars to shade himself from the hot sun. The rescue team found the dog hiding in this exact spot under a car and went ahead and set up a fence around the car.

After many attempts and gentle guidance from the rescue team, the dog named Ziggy finally came out from under the car and into the safety of their care.

Three-year-old Ziggy, being homeless for so long, was not used to having people love and care for him. He was neglected and used to living alone for a prolonged period, so he wasn’t quite sure how to react to people.

Watch Ziggy’s amazing transformation after being taken into the Hope For Paws Center!

He behaves so nicely as they shave off his matted coat, and pamper him until he looks and feels good as new!


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