Some people are born with the natural instincts of a mother and father. You don’t even need to have children to show these instincts. It can just be part of your blood.

The same goes for animals. Dogs can have these natural instincts too, even if they don’t have babies of their own.

A perfect example of that comes from TikTok user @cieramartin951‘s dog.

They found baby bunnies in their backyard and every single day this dog goes out to check up on her “babies.”

We’re not going to tell her those bunnies aren’t hers either! 


@cieramartin951 My 120 lb Newfoundland thinks she is the mother to these baby bunnies in our back yard and it’s the sweetest thing 🥹 yes, the (real) mother comes back every morning and night and the bunnies just hopped off, leaving Zuri an empty nester 🤣 #newfoundland #dogs #puppy ♬ You've Got a Friend in Me – From "Toy Story"/Soundtrack Version – Randy Newman

We can’t handle this adorableness!

We love that this Newfoundland dog is so dedicated to these baby bunnies even though their real mother comes back every morning and night.

This dog is a natural-born mother.

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