When you think of a male lion, you probably picture a single male with a flourishing mane standing regally over his pride of females.

However, some lion prides actually have a pair of patriarchs, usually brothers!

Brother lions must have incredibly strong bonds to guard a pride together, and this bond is evident in the lions at Utah’s Hogle Zoo

The zoo’s male lions, named Vulcan and Baron, spend ample amounts of time together.

The zoo recently shared an incredible moment between the pair on their Tiktok page, showing the lions approaching one another and embracing each other in a lion hug. 


@hoglezoo We interrupt your regularly scheduled scrolling for bro hugs from brothers Vulcan and Baron 🦁 That’s all, carry on 😌 #utahshoglezoo #hoglezoo #africanlion #lion #lions #utah #zoo ♬ original sound – Utah's Hogle Zoo

What an amazing bond these two beautiful creatures have.

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