While some people love to have cats and dogs as pets, others prefer birds, such as parrots. Some can be very vocal and funny.

But not any parrot, the macaw is especially popular, and for good reason. 

As shown in this video, posted on September 13, Chester the macaw is quite entertaining and seems very upset about the seagulls he sees at the park. Let’s check it out!


@chester_the_macaw A clip from yesterday before Chester chased away the seagulls. He sure had a lot yo say 😂😂 . . . #talkingparrot #talkingbird #freeflyingparrot #free #freedom #freelikeabird #funny #macaw #parrot #chesterthemacaw ♬ original sound – Chester the macaw

Grumpy Chester was definitely not a fan.

He reminds us of a grumpy old man who complains about kids playing at the park, are we right?