Despite their reputation as Australia’s sweet, jumpy ambassadors, Kangaroos aren’t to be messed with, a fact best embodied by these terrifyingly jacked marsupials spotted out and about down under.

Wildlife influencer @Big_Bull recently headed to TikTok to highlight just how intimidating these typically cute animals can be.

The video showcases their impressive tail strength, which can be used as a third leg, staggering height — did you know they can grow up to eight feet tall? — and biceps so ripped, they’d put Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to shame.


@giant_bull #kangaroo #animals ♬ original sound – Big Bull

The shocking video left unknowing Americans and fellow non-Aussies petrified. Read some of the comments below:

“This isn’t the kangaroo i used to know,” wrote @charmmaedalisay noting that these ‘roos look as though they could “punch me anytime”

“Kangaroo is like….’Do you even lift bro? ‘” joked @wellbeeswax while @debra3903 shared their latest fear.

“I am now terrified of kangaroos,” another commented.

So take it from these hella buff creatures — If it’s in Australia, it can probably kill you, no matter how cute it may seem from afar.  

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