Danny from A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue found JJ at a truck stop. The poor pit bull had already been living there for at least five months!

When Danny found him, JJ was very shy and wanted to be left alone. He had survived by himself for so long that human contact frightened him.

While Danny was not able to pet JJ that first day, he kept going back to visit him and build up trust over time.

Danny explained that the dog’s trust in him felt like an on-again, off-again sort of thing. Some days he would interact with him, and other days he did not even come close.

One day Danny decided to try and trap JJ in an attempt to bring him to safety and give him a permanent, loving home. He knew this would be no easy task since JJ was so shy and cautious.

He brought dog food in hopes of luring him in, and it eventually worked!

Watch JJ’s beautiful transformation as he thrives with his new foster family!


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