A loving granddaughter decided to give her 96-year-old grandfather a puppy.

At the age of 96, grandfather Luis was quietly enjoying his twilight years. His days were filled with rest and leisure, as he embraced the serenity of his home. He would watch TV and barely leave his place.

His lack of physical activity worried his granddaughter, Javiera. She wants her grandpa to live a long and happy life and she had just a perfect answer to that.

Armed with a handful of love – a fluffy puppy named Capito – she set out to visit her beloved grandpa. Javiera knew of his fondness for animals – Luis was even considering getting a dog in the past, but his family dissuaded him.

This time, Javiera decided to take matters into her own hands. She knew that having a puppy would be a challenge for the elderly man and she was ready to help him with whatever he would need.

What a wonderful and responsible decision!

Capito swiftly won the hearts of the family – no surprise there.

They were astonished by the immediate connection between Luis and the adorable pup.


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In the following days, Grandpa Luis began his remarkable transformation. It was as if he was aging in reverse.

He used to spend all of his time inside watching TV. With Capito, he developed a new routine. “My grandfather is happy and much more active. He has implemented a routine with Capito,” Javiera said in an interview.

“Before, he would simply watch television. Now, he gets up early to go outside with Capito, and the dog accompanies him while he works in the garden.

Capito steals his shoes and asks for pets.

They go for walks on the beach — all sorts of activities my grandfather used to refuse to do,” the granddaughter told of their adorable routine.

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