Kittens are renowned for their insatiable curiosity.

This trait is not only charming but also serves important developmental and survival purposes, especially when meeting other pets in the household.

As TikToker @myjerkcats shares in her video, posted on September 27, of her foster kitties meeting her dog for the first time, curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat, as you can see in this video.


@myjerkcats They were both so brave! #fosterkittens #spayandneuteryourdamnpets ♬ original sound – My Jerk Cats

Look at how big their eyes are!

It’s as if they were saying, “What’s this big creature?”

The interaction between cats and dogs often results in cute and amusing moments, like this one, as kittens are naturally curious creatures. 

At first, kittens might be a bit hesitant or cautious around a dog, especially if they’ve never encountered one before. They may take a step back or puff up their fur to appear bigger.

Not these two!

As you can see in the video, they cautiously approach the dog to investigate by sniffing it out.

But that one kitten wasn’t too impressed and quickly moved further away to be unbothered.

However, in time, this may lead to some more adorable interactions as they explore and get used to the dog’s scent and behavior, but it all depends on the response of the dog.

This dog does seem to be well-socialized and friendly.

We are sure they will become besties in no time.

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