Dogs aren’t the only animals who love squeaky toys.

A woman on TikTok recently shared a video of her donkey’s reaction to receiving a rubber chicken, and it’s too adorable!

As soon as Debbie Schluterman gave the toy a squeeze, her four-legged companion came running at the sound.

He then proceeded to entertain himself by tossing the chicken around and shaking it in his mouth!

“That’s a big puppy you have there,” joked one commenter.

Debbie’s TikTok account is filled with the cutest videos of her donkey playing with all types of toys, from bouncy balls to inflatable unicorns.

He seems to have a special affinity for the items that make a squeaky sound, though!

Watch the video below to see this excited donkey play with his new toy!


@debbieschluterman Came home from a weekend in Pawhuska OK to a brand new squeaky chicken for Donkey! Thanks so much @GramB18! I do believe he loves it! We appreciate your generosity! #pets #donkey #happy #crazyanimals #petsoftiktok #animalsfunny #joy #pettricks #squeakytoy ♬ original sound – Inthemorningimmakingwaffles

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