When Igor the cat arrived at the Haralson County Animal Shelter, even the most experienced caretakers were amazed by his unusual appearance!

The Haralson County Animal Shelter, in Buchanan, Georgia, specializes in rescuing and caring for “special cats,” but their newest animal tenant Igor left them all confounded.

“I’ve never seen another cat like that,” said field officer Amanda Matthews in an interview with The Dodo this week.

Matthews, Igor’s primary caregiver, added, “He’s very unique with his grumpy face.”

The orange tabby’s oversized eyes are immediately striking, and veterinarians at the Buchanan, Georgia, shelter set out to examine his condition.

Although it was clear to vets from the start that Igor’s eyes were malformed, they wanted to see whether and how well the cat could see with them.

Luckily, Matthews had good news on that front.

Igor the cat may look grumpy, but in reality, he's a big cuddle monster.
Igor the cat may look grumpy, but in reality, he’s a big cuddle monster.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Haralson County Animal Shelter

“He can still see,” Matthews clarified. “But he’s very near-sighted. He would get lost in my shelter very easily.”

Despite his disability, Igor loves to explore his surroundings, though trips to the shelter didn’t always end smoothly.

“He got stuck behind a door at one point and was just crying because he couldn’t figure out how to get out from it,” Matthews said.

Igor’s unique looks and lovable personality made him a big hit with the shelter team.

“All he wants to do is cuddle,” Matthews gushed. “He’s such a sweet cat for [someone with] such a grumpy little face.”

A visitor fell in love with a cute 3-month-old kitten at the shelter before Igor caught her attention. She ended up taking in both of the animals, giving Igor not only a happy home but also a playmate!

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