Beagles are often used as laboratory testing subjects due to their small size and friendly, easygoing nature. These poor dogs are subjected to heartbreaking mistreatment.

They undergo a variety of tortuous tests that cause them pain, injury, or even death. Additionally, they are kept in small kennels for the duration of their lives and are deprived of important exercise, socialization, and companionship.

Although recent years have seen an uptick in public outrage over experimentation on Beagles and other animals, the practice continues.

One dog who was subjected to this barbaric practice is Sidney. Sidney is believed to be nine years old. Until recently, the Beagle spent his entire life imprisoned in a laboratory. He was subjected to repeated toxicity testing and kept confined to a small kennel for most of his life. It is believed that Sidney was subjected to experimentation as young as ten weeks old. 

Finally, Sidney was rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project. Since the Beagle never had a chance to learn to be a regular dog, he was placed with a foster family to learn how to trust people.

Sidney was extremely traumatized by his years and years of captivity. A TikTok video posted to @beaglefreedom shows the first steps Sidney took in his new foster home.

In the video, Sidney can be seen cautiously emerging from his travel crate. He tentatively takes his “first steps of freedom.”

Sidney slowly learned to trust his foster family. Helpfully, there was already another Beagle in the home who could help Sidney adjust.

Soon, Sidney’s foster decided to permanently adopt him. Now Sidney will live out the rest of his days in a loving home where he will never be subjected to cruel experimentation again. 


@beaglefreedom Oh, sweet Sidney. We are so deeply sorry for what you have been through, but we are so excited for what lies ahead. After 9 whole years behind bars for comitting no crime— you are finally free. ❤️🐶 ❤️ @Sam & Ted the Beagle @The Dodo @Nathanthecatlady @Emilie @Cruelty Cutter @Animal Rights Activists 🐕 @Vegan Hacks Pod @crueltyfree makeup 🐰 @Grace | cruelty-free 🐰 #rescuedog #dogrescue #beagle #beaglesoftiktok #beaglepuppy #seniordog #seniordogsoftiktok #seniordogsrule #seniordogsneedlovetoo #crueltyfree #crueltyfreemakeup #crueltyfreebeauty #dog #dogs #fyp #fypシ #fypage #fypシ゚viral #nonprofit #nonprofitsoftiktok #endanimaltesting #endanimalexploitation #endanimalcrulety #viral #viraltiktok #viralvideo #doggo #dogsofinstagram ♬ Noted – PowerHouse

Although Sidney the Beagle’s story has a happy ending, not all animals used in laboratories are as lucky. Many will die as a result of the experiments they are subjected to.

Others will be euthanized after they are no longer useful. Animal testing is a horrible, indefensible practice that must end.

Never buy products that have been tested on animals. Look for trusted cruelty-free certifications when purchasing beauty products, or household products. Additionally, be sure to Support legislation that bans all animal testing. 

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