After having kittens, most cats need space as they adjust to motherhood. However, one “first-time mama cat” can be seen on TikTok proudly showing her human the new litter she has welcomed.

She also seems to be asking for some help babysitting.

In the popular video posted by @jaxzara, cat Zara can be seen enlisting her human to help watch her precious new litter.

She approaches her human, meowing to gain attention. She then leads them to her litter. On-screen text reads “When your first-time mama cat needs you to guard her babies at all times”.

After her human is seated and watching the kittens, Zara rubs against her person.

She seems to be happy to show off her new babies. 

Viewers were enamored with the close bond between a human and a cat.

“You’re her ‘Emotional Support Human’” said one of the comments.


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