A homeless dog found himself in a pickle when his head got stuck in a jug of cheese puffs.

Unfortunately, the poor baby could not free himself and wandered around for 3 days until someone took notice and helped him.

“He was in distress. He was scared. He wanted this off of his head,” Michigan animal rescue owners Sue and Tom Walsh explained.

Sue and Tom set up a trap with bait, but there was one problem.

“Being that he had the jar on his head, he couldn’t smell the bait,” Tom says.

When the dog was finally caught, the jug was on so tight it had to be cut off.

“You couldn’t pull it off,” Sue says. “It was stuck on there.”

They had to use branch trimmers to cut the jug open.

Sue and Tom say the dog clearly felt a sense of relief once he was released from the jug.

The Walshs, fittingly, named the dog Cheeto. They are already receiving calls from people who want to give Cheeto a forever home.


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