Animal lover @blairhearless has done an amazing job befriending her local raccoons!

She has built a special bond with an elderly raccoon named Bandit, who comes to visit her often.

This last visit came as a surprise, as Bandit showed up with his whole family. The video shows the woman’s surprise and happiness as her kindness is rewarded by the wild animal’s trust.

We are also glad to see the elderly racoon is not alone.


@blairhearless received a #beautiful #surprise from #Bandit tonight #raccoonsoftiktok #babylove #loveknowsnospecies #trust ♬ Love – Revember

This is simply precious!

Watching Bandit live a long, happy life must be so rewarding for Blair since she’s fed, bonded with, and even named the raccoon.

The wild animal clearly trusts her a lot to let her feed him and pet him, and it’s easy to see why Blair’s followers are so invested in this journey.

You can follow their story here: @blairhearless

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