A mother dog and her puppies are safe after they were rescued from a dirty warehouse. Saved Souls Animal Sanctuary in Thailand was called to the building where the stray dog was hiding with her puppies among plastic bottles and cardboard boxes.

One of the rescue team members entered the dark space and spotted the puppies and brought them out to an awaiting crate. She brought out the puppies to the rest of the team including founder Gabriela Leonhard who picked up two of the puppies and proclaimed them “new members of Saved Souls Foundation.”

The mama dog was riddled with mange but came out last when she was offered food and followed rescuers out to where her 7 puppies were waiting.

As soon as the dog family was all together they went to the shelter where the mom tested positive for mange and a few other things. Thankfully, they are easily curable and she didn’t have distemper or parvovirus.

The puppies all had to be cleaned and washed before being reunited with their mama.


These dogs all have a brighter future ahead of them thanks to Saved Souls Animal Sanctuary which was founded in 2010 by Gabriela Leonhard. The rescue is situated in the heart of Thailand (Khon Kaen) and rescues dogs from the illegal dog meat trade, abusive situations and accidents. They wrote, “Thailand is home to 5 to 10 millions stray dogs. Rescue missions like this one are common at our foundation. We currently shelter 430 dogs and 90 cats. 60 of our dogs are disabled due to car accident.”

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