It’s a classic case of a summer crush. When Dani the Golden Retriever spotted a gray cat sashaying his way around her yard, it was an instant hit. The two exchanged glances and the rest is history.

The two are now unexpectedly ‘in love’—and it has the internet going wild. 


@baileyadamsfordani Summer crush #❤️#dogandcats #summerlove#dogcatfriends #neighborcatbuddy#goldenretrieverlife #catlover #dani #daniandthedoodle ♬ Summer Nights – From "Grease" – Rydel high

Dani and her cat friend are so glad to have met one another. If Dani was outside of the house, it’s not clear what her reaction would be. 

Golden Retrievers love to chase, after all! Maybe the two would play, or maybe they would spend the afternoon cuddling.

The “Summer Nights” song from the musical Grease was the perfect song choice for this video. It’s definitely a summer love story that neither the cat nor the dog care about who finds out about it, it seems.

As the summer ends, there’s no telling whether Dani’s cat friend will continue to come around her house. Maybe if she does, maybe the two will finally meet face to face without having a window between them.

This story of summer love is one that’s warming hearts all over the internet. Countless people have commented about how precious the footage is. Our favorite part was the very end of the video when the cat lovingly looks up into Dani’s eyes. He has such a beautiful pair of bright blue eyes!

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