If you’re a parent, there are a couple of things most kids ask: if they can stay home from school or if you can skip work to go do something fun.

@Tatum Talks is a rescue pup with anxiety, and his mom shared a video of Tatum trying to talk her into skipping work to stay home with him.

Mom tells Tatum that she has to go to work, but Tatum doesn’t want to take no for an answer.

He starts begging mom to stay home with him, even saying he’ll be the stay-at-home-mom-dog and take care of her!



I’m definitely qualified I fink

♬ Tatum SAHMD – Tatum Talks

@Tatum looks adorable in his comfy robe!

The bull terrier promises his mom that if she stays home, she’ll get naps and he’ll make sure that she eats. Tatum begging us like that would make us call in and take a mental health day!

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