Frightening video shows a young boy riding on his scooter when he got into a stare-down with a black bear that had wandered into his neighborhood.

A black bear approached 7-year-old Huxley, in broad daylight, while he was riding near his home in western Canada. Without panicking, Huxley stared the animal down, looking directly at him until the bear stopped in its tracks.

Huxley’s neighbor appeared with his arms raised high. The neighbor-turned-superhero fearlessly approached the animal, engaging the bear in a game of hide-and-seek around a car.

The neighbor pursued the bear from behind the car until the animal scurried away.

Huxley and his mother, Britney, spoke with Inside Edition about the bear encounter in British Columbia.

“We’ve had a conversation about being aware. ‘Hey, be aware of your surroundings. If there is a bear and you’re not with an adult, you know, be calm,’” Britney says.

Wildlife experts stress that staying calm and looking big and overpowering are key responses when confronting a black bear outdoors.

“I think most adults even in that moment would’ve perhaps panicked or run away,” Britney says. “Not everybody knows what to do there so I’m super proud of him.”

Bears are typically afraid of humans, but they have been more frequently showing up in populated areas, attracted by the easy pickings for food.


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