Whether you’ve had pets your whole life or enjoy animal interactions through the comfort of your phone, it’s no secret that most dogs are friendly, social creatures.

For this reason, dog parents often decide to adopt more than one dog, hoping to prevent their beloved pets from ever feeling lonely or bored.

Also, nothing can beat giving your pup their very own best friend. Just ask this sweet Pit Bull named Nala!

Her parents recently adopted a Pit Bull puppy to be Nala’s little sister, and their first play session couldn’t be cuter. Luckily, the dogs’ mom caught the precious moment on film!

She shared it with Nala’s fans on her account, @thisisnalasworld, and we are quite literally obsessed!


@thisisnalasworld First time playing. #thisisnalasworld #fyp #tiktok #goviral #bullysofttiktok #pitbullsoftiktok #puppy #puppytiktok #nalarabies ♬ original sound – Nala

Aww! Nala is already the best big sister to the little pup, even if she doesn’t totally know what to do with herself. She knows she has to be gentle with the tiny baby, but she also really wants to play!

The puppy’s short attention span might not make her the best playmate right away, but it sure makes for lots of memorable moments like this one.

We can’t wait to watch these two Pit Bull princesses grow up together!

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