A sweet video captures the relationship between a black cockapoo and a human who “didn’t want a ‘stupid’ dog”.

Clearly, he has changed his mind and been won over by the adorable pup!

The video was posted to the TikTok account @kaymj2705. In the Ring camera footage, a man can be seen walking down the path towards the front door holding the cockapoo in his arms.

Text overlay on the video reveals that the cockapoo was just picked up from the groomers.

The man talks to the dog, saying “Don’t get wet paws” and “I show mummy how pretty you are”. 


@kaymj2704 Makes out he doesnt even like him 🤣🤣 #dog #cockapoo #boyfriend #dogdad #silly #cute @MDSimprovements ♬ original sound – Kayleigh xx

Viewers loved the video, with many revealing that members of their family had expressed similar reservations about adopting an animal companion.

However, ultimately they were won over. “I have one of these at home—he makes out he don’t want the dog yet I hear him every night like this,” another person commented.

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