A dog named Oliver was happy with his family – until they brought home a new puppy. His dramatic reaction has social media cracking up!

Kalin Rodgers and her family were all in agreement that a new puppy was a great idea. But Oliver, their older dog, was obviously not consulted in the matter.

He was not amused by the new pup named Maverick and made sure his humans knew it.

Kalin posted a video of Oliver’s protest to TikTok. “Oliver is paw-satively not a fan,” she wrote in the caption.

“Oliver has quite the personality and he was protesting getting out of the car due to the new puppy,” Kalin explained. “I had just gotten back from running an errand with Oliver and Maverick, and he refused to get out of the car after Maverick got out.”

In the now-viral clip, Kalin asks Oliver to get out, but the dog doesn’t even flinch. She asks multiple times before he turns his head to glare at her.


@kalinrodgers11 Oliver is PAW-SATIVELY not a fan… meanwhile peep my husband picking up 💩 in the yard😅 #dogsoftiktok #puppylove #fyp #tantrumdog #huskysoftiktok #funnydog #dramaticdog ♬ original sound – Kay

Poor Oliver. But we are sure, he will learn to accept and love his new sibling in no time.

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