As we know, unusual animal friendships, such as between a cat and a dog, are nothing new, but have you ever seen a dog befriend a horse?

Peggy Aagard captured such a heartwarming moment in a video posted on October 22.

Let’s check it out!


@pegasausxing Pure goodness. #puppy #puppylove #animals #ottb #fyp #tiktok #german #equestrian #fypシ ♬ You've Got a Friend in Me – From "Toy Story"/Soundtrack Version – Randy Newman

Aw, look at them! They’re besties for life.

Horses, just like dogs, are very loyal companions, although their loyalty is expressed differently than that of dogs.

Horses are herd animals by nature, and they tend to form strong bonds with other horses and sometimes with their human caretakers, or clearly other animals, such as dogs.

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