In an amazing video, this family’s mama cat shows incredible intelligence as she introduces her kitten to the newborn baby. As the newest members of the family, it seems she wanted to make sure the babies were ‘properly introduced’.

The family had their newborn, Blossom, relaxing on a padded mat on the kitchen floor during tummy time.

The cat mom entered the room carrying her newborn baby kitten. While intent on getting her tiny kitten close to the newborn, she was very careful not to get too close.


@bestviralvidz She tried ti intorduce her kitten (Via @Pearl’s Ragdolls ♬ original sound – Bestviralvidz

The interaction was precious. The kitten tried to escape, but cat mom diligently kept her baby near.

The short interaction is adorable. To watch an animal be so gentle but persistent is incredible!

If you are interested in watching as they grow up together, the family has a TikTok channel where they share the activities of Blossom and a houseful of Rag Doll cats.

Blossom is several years old now and has had many cute and adorable interactions with the cats, as shown in the other videos posted by the family.

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