A truly extraordinary parrot recently took the internet by storm. Believe it or not, this bird can belt out tunes in the likeness of Rihanna.

A video of the talented parrot was initially shared on TikTok by @Hari_Olivera on TikTok. And now that @barstoolsports has picked it up, it’s going to new levels of viral fame! 

Watch in amazement while listening to this bird. It truly feels like Rihanna herself is harmonizing in the background. 


@barstoolsports Bro knew every bar 🔥 @Million Dollaz (via @Hari Oliveira tattoo ♬ original sound – Barstool Sports

This Parrot’s talent knows no bounds. After witnessing this incredible performance, it’s crystal clear this feathered artist deserves a spot on American Idol. It’s time to get this bird in the studio!

Have you ever wondered how parrots manage to mimic songs so convincingly? These colorful and clever birds possess a unique talent—they can copy not just our words but also our favorite tunes.

Researcher Professor Benedict explains: 

“We expect that all birds living with humans have the opportunity to learn human words and sounds, but some might get more ‘teaching’ than others.” 

A parrot’s singing ability showcases their intelligence and adaptability, making it a unique and delightful aspect of having a bird.

So, the next time you hear a parrot sing, remember that it’s not just mimicry; it’s a musical connection.

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